Problem Solving 101 & Mental Management with Nancy Reyes

11/11/2017 @ 9:00 AM at CCA Lawrenceville (Green bldg) with Paula Nowak | Map | Instructor Bio
Problem Solving
One of the principle skills dogs need in nose work is problem solving. Whether it’s working pooling/trapping odor, working the wind, thresholds, converging, etc. the dog has to be able to solve these problems to get to source. In this workshop you will learn how to recognize problems and how to help your dog solve them.

Mental Management
The Mental Management® System is a recognized mental training program that is taught to and used by World and Olympic Champions throughout the world. Lanny Bassham is recognized as a teacher of the world’s best in the area of mental preparation for sport and business. Learn the concepts and techniques to achieve consistent top performance.
For those who compete in nose work know the mental game is key to the success of any team. In this one day workshop, you will learn the foundation of mental management and how to apply the mental management principles to nose work.
You will learn:
o How to prepare for a competition
o What to think about when competing
o What to think about after the competition
o How over trying can work against you.
o How to use pressure and excitement to your advantage
o How not to sabotage yourself and self-destruct

***Cancellation Policy - must give notice to cancel 4 weeks or more for a full refund.
Audit Spot (Saturday & Sunday) - $220.00
Audit Spot - Mental Management (Sunday) - $120.00
Audit Spot - Problem Solving 101 (Saturday) - $120.00
Working Spot (Problem Solving) - $155.00
Working Spot (Saturday & Sunday) - $290.00
Working Spot (Saturday & Sunday) - $290.00
Working Spot - Mental Management (Sunday) - $155.00
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